Binance Hits Back at ‘Embezzlement’ Claim

[ad_1] Binance has fired back at claims that it ‘embezzled’ hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds that were frozen from a user’s account in November 2018.In a lengthy statement the exchange said the funds were frozen at the request of South Korean law enforcement agencies because the account holder had allegedly received 3,995 Ethereum (ETH) through a listing fee scam. Binance provided screenshots of correspondence with the Korean authorities

Tether, ICOs, Craig Wright – Attorney Divulges New Details on Billion Dollar Crypto Lawsuits

[ad_1] On April 3, the law firms Roche Cyrulnik Freedman and Selendy & Gay filed 11 class-action lawsuits against multiple digital currency exchanges and the issuers of certain initial coin offering (ICO) tokens. Entities like, Tron, Bancor, Status and numerous company executives are accused of selling unregistered securities. The lawsuits claim the exchanges “profited handsomely” from these token sales and the charges also allege manipulative conduct. Following the filings

Just Four Crypto Leaders on Forbes’ List of Billionaires

[ad_1] There are more than 2000 billionaires on Forbes’ ‘The Richest in 2020’ list — but only a handful come from the world of cryptocurrency and none of them are named ‘CZ’.Only four entrepreneurs who made their fortunes in crypto were included among the 2,095 billionaires the magazine named on April 8. The richest man in crypto is Bitmain co-founder Micree Zhan, who appears at No. 690 on the list

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Says Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin Lie Outside the System

[ad_1] Millionaire businessman and author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, mentioned Bitcoin (BTC) numerous times in a podcast interview with Morgan Creek Digital co-founder, Anthony Pompliano, referring to the asset as an escape.“The reason I endorse Bitcoin is because is just for one frickin reason — you’re not part of the system,” Kiyosaki said. “It’s a separation of government and my money,” he laughingly added, quoting

South Korea’s Largest Crypto Unveils New Consensus Algorithm

[ad_1] South Korea’s largest public blockchain project, ICON (ICX), announced its new Loop Fault Tolerance 2.0 (LFT 2.0) consensus algorithm on April 8.The new algorithm claims to make performance improvements in scalability and network bandwidth over the popular Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) consensus types, without compromising security.Innovation reduces network load and improves throughputThe LFT 2.0 white paper was published on today been published on Github, following three years of

Blockchain Scam Raises Money by Pretending to Be Associated With the Olympics

[ad_1] The Chinese Olympic Committee announced on April 8 that it’s repeatedly received complaints about illegal marketing pertaining to the upcoming Olympic Games.People claiming to be part of the so-called “World Olympic Sports Foundation” say they’re using blockchain technology to help people invest in special products and other commercial developments pertaining to the Olympics. But that money actually ends up in the pockets of anonymous scammers.They make reference to the

Cardano Partners With South African Blockchain Alliance To Boost Adoption

[ad_1] The Cardano Foundation announced a partnership with the South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA) on April 7. The partnership endeavors to explore further ways to strengthen technology’s adoption throughout South Africa.According to the official announcement, Cardano will use blockchain technology to boost socio-economic growth in South Africa. The Foundation believes such a partnership will help them to achieve their goal of increasing blockchain adoption across the region.South Africa as

Bitcoin Cash Halving Met with 11% Price Surge; BSV Follows with 19%

[ad_1] Bitcoin Cash (BCH) went through with its first block reward halving on Wednesday, with the coin price gaining 11.2% on the day. Those gains were exceeded by Bitcoin SV (BSV), which gained 19.4% in the same time period. Bitcoin SV is scheduled to carry out its own block reward halving by Friday, April 10th. Both Bitcoin forks were the only cryptocurrencies glowing green in the market cap top ten on Wednesday.

Overstock Will Airdrop Millions of Security Tokens to Its Stockholders

[ad_1] Overstock has slated May 19 as the date to airdrop OSTKO security tokens as a dividend to its shareholders. They’ll get one security token for every ten OSTK shares they own as of April 27, making for 4.37 million tokens to be distributed in total.Importantly, trading for these tokens will take place exclusively on Overstock’s alternative trading system tZERO. It processes less than $10,000 in daily volume on average.Documents

Texas Regulator Spots Crypto Firm at Fraudulent COVID-19 Charity Claims

[ad_1] The Texas securities regulator has continued its crackdown on cryptocurrency scams, spotting an alleged fraudulent crypto firm that made fake claims about COVID-19 donations.On April 8, the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) issued an emergency cease and desist order against Ultra Mining, alleging that the crypto mining firm is involved in diverse illicit activities including purportedly fraudulent claims to double investors’ money.As specified in an official TSSB notice, the