Data Shows XRP’s Community Is Dissolving Fast: What’s Behind the Trend?

[ad_1] XRP has long had an active and loud community, hence their moniker “the XRP Army.” For some reason, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization managed to become a crowd-favorite project, with a seemingly endless flow of supporters. According to new data, however, this is changing, with multiple reports indicating that the Ripple community is shrinking at a rapid clip despite positive fundamental developments. XRP’s Community Is Shrinking… and Fast

Seeking Profits: A Number of Large Crypto Exchanges Are Mining and Staking Digital Assets

[ad_1] During the last 12 months, large cryptocurrency exchanges have been getting into digital currency staking and creating SHA256 mining operations. Just recently, Binance announced the launch of its mining pool following exchanges like Okex, and Huobi. Alongside this, a great number of crypto exchanges are staking proof-of-stake (PoS) coins, which have caused some grievances among the crypto community. Also read: Crypto Marketplace to Dissolve Operations After 6 Years

Why One Analyst Thinks the S&P 500 Will Determine the Fate of Bitcoin

[ad_1] Bitcoin has established a striking correlation to the legacy markets throughout the past several weeks, with this coupling holding strong despite BTC making several attempts to break it throughout the past few days. This has led one cryptocurrency analyst to note that the S&P 500 could determine Bitcoin’s future, with BTC flashing some tempered signs of weakness that could lead it to see a significant downtrend if the benchmark

What Does Grayscale’s GBTC Falling Premium Tell us About Bitcoin Price?

[ad_1] Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust shares (GBTC) are currently trading at $7.49 per share, a 15.81% premium of Bitcoin. GBTC is the first publicly quoted security “solely invested in and deriving value from” Bitcoin and since listing it has been known to trade at a high premium, having hit a 2020 high of 41.42% on Feb. 18. The premium is usually accentuated when prices are high.The GBTC-BTC premium has dropped by

“Ethereum Moves at The Speed of Vitalik”

[ad_1] Cointelegraph recently sat down for an interview with Ethereum (ETH) co-founder and Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson. During the interview, he discussed his criticism of the development of the Ethereum platform.“His first project”Hoskinson believes that one of the main reasons why Ethereum’s development has struggled is that too much hinges on Vitalik Buterin personally:“So, basically Ethereum moves at the speed of Vitalik. So if he knows how to do

Baseline Developers Propose DTL-Based Coronavirus Contact Tracing

[ad_1] Developers working on Baseline, an enterprise smart contract and tokenization platform developed by Microsoft, Ernst & Young, and ConsenSys, are working to solve several flaws identified with Apple and Google’s proposal for coronavirus tracking initiatives.Google and Apple propose a contact tracing solution that would add cross-platform APIs that allow health authorities to monitor users. Both brands have discussed rolling out related software updates next month.The plan suggests using a

Two More Crypto YouTube Channels Restored After Being Blocked by the Platform

[ad_1] Two new crypto-related channels were recently blocked by YouTube. Some creators are alleging that this is part of an ongoing campaign by the video platform against creators who publish cryptocurrency-related content. In less than 24 hours, however, the bans were lifted and both channels were fully restored.BTC Sessions, a blockchain-based YouTube channel which has been active since 2016, reported via Twitter on April 17 that their account was notified

This Crypto Could Soon Explode as it Peeks Over Massive Resistance

[ad_1] While the aggregated crypto market consolidates following the recent upswing, Tezos has continued climbing higher as it expresses further signs of strength against many of its peers. This strength has now led the crypto to push above a key horizontal resistance region that was significantly hampering its price action in the past, with a confirmed break above this level potentially opening the gates for significant upside in the days

More Industry Players Weigh in on Bitcoin’s Path Once Businesses Reopen

[ad_1] Industry players said Bitcoin's (BTC) price could be impacted once U.S. governing bodies lift COVID-19 prevention measures, such as stay-at-home orders and business closures.   "When the world economies begin to recover and come back online after printing, in the case of the U.S. government trillions of dollars, Bitcoin will most likely become more bullish than we've ever seen it," Metal Pay CEO Marshall Hayner told Cointelegraph in a message,

More Crypto Development Means More Trading Returns, Findings Say

[ad_1] A new report preprint shows a correlation between crypto asset prices and their code developers. "We reveal that the first coding event linking two cryptocurrencies through a common developer leads to the synchronization of their returns in the following months," said a preprint research report titled, From code to market: Network of developers and correlated returns of cryptocurrencies. It's all in the codeDestined by their code underpinnings, cryptocurrencies hold internal laws and