Europe’s Top Miners Share Local Industry Insights

[ad_1] A report compiled by non-profit research institute, dGen, has found that European crypto miners believe that the region’s higher electricity prices when compared to China and Russia are offset by political stability, robust regulation, and strong protections.The study also found that many miners based in Europe feel prepared for the Bitcoin (BTC) block reward halving, emphasizing that higher electricity prices have forced many miners to invest in highly efficient

15% Correction Drops Bitcoin Price to $8K Two Days Before BTC Halving

[ad_1] At 12:40 A.M. UTC time Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped from $9,574 to $8,112 in the course of 15 minutes. The 15.30% drop came after the top ranked digital asset on CoinMarketCap struggled to reclaim the $9,800 support after falling below the support which formed the base of a bull pennant and was also aligned with a high volume node on the volume profile visible range indicator. Crypto market weekly price chart.

Bitcoin Is Poised to Confirm a Textbook Factor Predicting a $4,000 Breakout

[ad_1] The price action over the past few days has undoubtedly been positive for Bitcoin. Case in point: the cryptocurrency just this week hit a high of $10,100, rallying past the key $10,000 price point for the first time in weeks. Prices have since consolidated around $9,700, with BTC finding itself stuck between the resistances of $9,500 and $10,000. While some have said that this price action is indicative of Bitcoin

$3B Trading Platform Rebranded Amid High Profile Acquisition

[ad_1] European crypto asset manager, CoinShares, announced the launch of its new trading business, CoinShares Capital Markets, or CSCM, on May 7.The subsidiary comprises a rebranding of GABI Trading, with CoinShares now entering into the final stages of acquiring the firm. In 2019, the firm processed more than $3 billion worth of trades while it was an active proprietary trading shop owned by Global Advisors Group. Trade activity has accelerated in

Bitcoin Mining Markets Heat Up: Ebang’s $41M Deficit, Bitmain’s Alleged 2020 Revenue

[ad_1] The Chinese ASIC mining rig manufacturer Bitmain reportedly pulled in $300 million in revenue during Q1 2020. Meanwhile, as Bitmain claims to be regaining market share, the firm Ebang recently applied with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for initial public offering (IPO) status. However, the prospectus sent to SEC shows that while Ebang made $109 million last year, the company also had a $41 million deficit in

US Mining Firm Plans to Nearly Double Hash Rate After Halving

[ad_1] U.S.-based mining firm, Riot Blockchain, has more than doubled the number of next-generation Bitcoin (BTC) miners it has purchased, buying 1,040 Antminer S19s from Bitmain on May 6. The additional miners cost the firm $1.9 million, following Riot’s purchase of 1,000 S19s Pros, revealed on April 30.Riot predicts 80% increase in hash rate after deploying S19sAnticipating that the units will have been shipped and deployed during the third quarter of

It’s “Max Pain” Ahead for Altcoins as Bitcoin’s Halving Nears: Here’s Why

[ad_1] After Bitcoin posted a blow-off top at the end of 2017, altcoins surged across the board, gaining hundreds of percent over the course of months in an event since known as “altseason.” Since that time, when many traders made their fortunes, investors have been waiting for “the next altseason.” While some have argued that it is near, top investors are expecting altcoins to dramatically underperform Bitcoin. One analyst, in

Looks Like the Loom Network Has Thrown in the Towel

[ad_1] According to available information at press time, sources show a highly uncertain future for the Loom Network, a platform-as-as-service blockchain project.Cointelegraph investigated a number of Loom Network communication channels, finding no firm proof of a live project.  A May 8 tweet from Bruno Skvorc, owner of blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform, Bitfalls, led Cointelegraph staff down an investigative rabbit hole into the project's current status. Loom no longer has an

Chinese Court Rules Bitcoin Is Asset Protected by Law

[ad_1] A court in Shanghai, China, has reportedly ruled that bitcoin is an asset protected by Chinese law in a case that has dragged on for years. The case involves a theft of two different cryptocurrencies, one being bitcoin, from an American. The defendants argued that bitcoin was not recognized under Chinese law; the court disagreed, citing documents by the central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). In China,

Kik’s Drama With The SEC May Soon Be At An End

[ad_1] A new round of documents have been filed in the lengthy dispute between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, and Kik Interactive Inc. over the messaging company’s 2017 initial coin offering, or ICO.Both parties are seeking summary judgment, with the SEC submitting a proposed order that it hopes the court will sign.However, Kik is confident that the judge will rule in its favor, asserting that the