Brazil Could be New ‘Demand Source’ for Bitcoin

[ad_1] Bitcoin’s year-to-date performance compared to the Brazilian Real coupled with the country’s financial woes may help drive demand towards the cryptocurrency.According to a new report released May 11 by Delphi Digital titled “The State of Bitcoin”, Brazil’s central bank lowering its interest rates to 3% and the fact the Real had lost 30% of its value relative to the U.S. dollar could drive away investors “who find the risk-reward

Smaller Bitcoin Wallets on the Rise Since Second Halving

[ad_1] The number of Bitcoin addresses since the second halving has increased across the board, but the number of small wallets with balances of less than 0.1 BTC saw the greatest improvement.According to data from Glassnode posted on May 11, the number of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses with a balance of under 0.01 BTC — approximately $86 at the time of writing — after the third halving increased 235% when compared

Despite Bitcoin Halving, Analyst Charts That BCH Will Drop Below $100

[ad_1] After an extremely strong rally of over 100% from the March lows, Bitcoin Cash and the rest of the crypto market have started to reverse over the past few days. BCH in and of itself has shed approximately 15% from its highs, crushed as sellers take over the market. Most analysts assert that this drop is temporary, but one eerily accurate trader is calling for a brutal more than

Chainlink Brings Verifiable Randomness to Ethereum

[ad_1] On May 11, Chainlink (Link) announced the launch of a verifiable random function (VRF) that enables generation of on-chain trusted randomness. Ii is undergoing security review on the testnet where it is available for integration testing. Initially, it will work with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.Benefits to gamingAlthough this may sound like something that only mathematicians or rocket scientists would care about, it has quite a few very practical applications.

Twitter Remains Bullish on Bitcoin Price Despite Muted BTC Halving

[ad_1] The long awaited Bitcoin halving came and went, bringing with it whipsaw volatility which saw the price whipsaw 5% to 7% in each direction for the last three hours leading up to block 630,000. Earlier in the day, the top-ranked digital asset on CoinMarketCap managed a quick 8% rally from $8,475 to $9,168 but it was quickly snuffed out once the price dropped below the support at $8,750. Crypto market daily

Final Block Mined Before Halving Contained Reminder of BTC’s Origins

[ad_1] Just before Bitcoin experienced its third halving, which cut the block reward from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, the miner who extracted the cryptocurrency’s final block had a special message for all HODLers.F2pool, the miner responsible for the extraction of block 629,999, printed a New York Times headline into the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain just prior to the halving on May 11. The final Bitcoin block with a subsidy of 12.5

Post Halving, Bitcoin Will Still Surge to $20,000: Wall Street Billionaire

[ad_1] Just three hours ago, Bitcoin’s latest block reward halving finally came to pass. Unlike optimists expected, the market didn’t pump in the wake of this event. Instead, BTC is actually down more than 15% in the past three days, having rallied as high as $10,100 on Thursday to only fall to $8,400 as of the time of this article’s writing. Yet this drop has not stopped a prominent Wall

This Binance Orderbook Occurrence Heavy Favors Bitcoin Longs; Here’s Why

[ad_1] The recent volatility seen within the crypto market has led to widespread liquidations amongst Bitcoin traders This has caused the open interest seen across most major exchanges to plummet, with the slow recovery being a sign that many of these traders are now moving to the sidelines One interesting occurrence seen while looking towards the Binance spot orderbook points to aggressive buying amongst active investors. This favors longs and

Here’s Why Exchanges Haven’t Integrated Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

[ad_1] The Lightning Network has been live for a few years now, but Bitcoin exchanges still haven’t joined the party — at least for the most part. Bitfinex is the most notable exception to the rule, as they added Lightning Network in December of last year.During her appearance at the Kraken Block Drop VR Halving Party on Sunday, Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark shed some light on why the vast

Up to 30% of Bitcoin Miners Close Shop as Business Turns Unprofitable After Halving

[ad_1] About a third of Bitcoin (BTC) mining firms may already be switching off their machines as the business becomes unprofitable due to a reduction in mining rewards. The third Bitcoin halving – consummated earlier today – reduced supply of the pioneering cryptocurrency, cutting the bonus paid to miners for solving mathematical puzzles that underpin the network by 50% to 6.25BTC per block. According to Alejandro De La Torre, VP