Judge Orders Mark Karpeles To Face Fraud Suit From 2014

[ad_1] A judge has ruled the former chief executive of defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, Mark Karpeles, must face a lawsuit alleging fraud filed back in 2014.On June 16, U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman rejected Karpeles’ motion for summary judgment, rejecting the former Mt Gox head’s assertion that the case’s sole remaining plaintiff Gregory Greene had altered his argument against Karpeles in opposing the motion and brought a “host” of

Crypto Paradise or Digital Shakedown?

[ad_1] Cryptocurrencies are reportedly playing a role — for good and ill — in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, an area established in support of the African-American community by protesters against aggressive policing. A project called JamaiCoin claims that six businesses are experimenting with its cryptocurrency as a protest against the US dollar, while separately another business owner claims he’s being extorted for $500 of ‘protection money’ in Bitcoin (BTC).The CHAZ,

CoinShares, Ledger and Nomura Release Long-Awaited Custody Platform

[ad_1] Global investment bank Nomura, digital asset manager CoinShares, and hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, have finally launched their institutional-grade custody platform Komainu to the wider market.They’re billing Komainu as the first hybrid institutional-grade custody platform that can seamlessly integrate with legacy financial technology.CoinShares first examined existing custody products before deciding to develop their own solution in order to meet their security & business requirements back in 2018. The platform, under

Singapore Carpooling App Ryde Launches Wallet for BTC Payments

[ad_1] Singaporean carpooling app Ryde announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency wallet which will facilitate Bitcoin (BTC) payments for its service.In an announcement shared with Cointelegraph on June 17, Ryde claims to be the first and only ride-hailing application to incorporate Bitcoin payments into its ecosystem. The firm’s customers will be able to use Bitcoin to pay their rides starting on June 22.Other cryptocurrencies will followRyde’s wallet, RydePay, will

Analyst: Ethereum Price’s Chart Looks “Ominous” After $250 Rejection

[ad_1] Like Bitcoin and most other top cryptocurrencies, the past few weeks have been stagnant for Ethereum. The cryptocurrency has consolidated around ~$230, failing to breakout in either direction. Stepping back, though, analysts are saying that ETH’s chart looks bearish. One analyst went as far as to say that the cryptocurrency is currently in an “ominous” position due to a strong rejection at a crucial horizontal level. Related Reading: Fund

Bitcoin Broker River Financial Announces $5.7M Seed Round

[ad_1] San Francisco-based Bitcoin financial services company River Financial announced it had raised $5.7 million in a new seed funding round.In an update posted to the company website on June 17, River Financial stated it had received a $5.7 million investment in a seed round led by Polychain Capital. Slow Ventures, Castle Island Ventures, DG Lab Fund, Cygni Capital, Pfeffer Capital, IDEO CoLab Ventures, and Square Crypto’s Steve Lee also

Bitcoin Mining Heats Up: High Difficulty Adjustment, Pool Consolidation, Less Concentration in China

[ad_1] It’s been approximately 37 days since the notorious Bitcoin reward halving that took place on Monday, May 11, 2020. On June 16, the Bitcoin network saw a large upwards difficulty adjustment making it much harder to mine bitcoins and slowing down the issuance rate because block generation has slowed down. Furthermore, a recent research report predicts the SHA256 ASIC mining industry will grow more consolidated in the future. Bitcoin

BTC Investors Bullish Even as Bitcoin Price is Below $10K — On-Chain Data

[ad_1] Since recovering from this week’s drop to $8,900, Bitcoin (BTC) price has struggled to gain above $9,600 and this level needs to flip from resistance to support before further upside can occur. The largest digital-asset on CoinMarketCap has been gradually decoupling from stocks but some short-term correlation to traditional markets remains. This was observed on June 15 when BTC dropped below the $9,000 mark amid some heavy losses in the

Zoom Will Offer End-to-End Encryption to All Users

[ad_1] On June 17, the popular video conference app, Zoom, officially announced that end-to-end encryption, or E2EE, has finally arrived for their software. It will be provided to both free and paid users, so long as their account has passed the company’s verification process.According to the announcement, during the beta phase that will start from July, users should verify their phone numbers via a text message. The aim of this

Bitcoin Largely Remains Uncorrelated to Stock Market, Crucial Data Shows

[ad_1] Bitcoin has shown some signs of being correlated to the stock market over the past few months, especially during times of bear-favoring turbulence This correlation, however, does not appear to be as striking as it seems, as data suggests that its macro-correlation to most traditional assets remains incredibly low One analyst explains that it has moved in tandem with other assets during sharp declines due to the crisis nature