Billionaire Says an Exponential BTC Price Increase Would be a Disaster

[ad_1] Chamath Palihapitiya, the billionaire CEO of Social Capital and Virgin Galactic Chairman, has called Bitcoin a type of disaster insurance against governments making bad financial decisions. In an interview with Unchained Podcast on June 23, Palihapitiya said hard-working people need something like Bitcoin as insurance, as the cryptocurrency is “really fundamentally uncorrelated” to the consequences of legislators behaving badly.However, the CEO pointed out that for the Bitcoin price to skyrocket

Review:’s Ruby Steel Prepaid Visa Card

[ad_1] A number of members in the cryptocurrency community, typically people who are paid in crypto assets, have tried a myriad of prepaid cards that can be credited with digital currencies like bitcoin. The following post is a review on the prepaid Visa card in order to give our readers some perspective on how the card operates. During the last four years, I’ve grown accustomed to leveraging prepaid cards

Blockchain Verifies the Authenticity of Non-Genuine Nikes

[ad_1] Blockchain-based traceability platform VeChain will be used to power the issuance of a limited-edition run of licensed Nike Air Max 1 shoes.Announced on June 24, Australian shoemaker Chase Shiel and retailer The Kickz Stand have partnered to produce a limited run of the sneakers — which are also based on Stussy’s ‘SB Dunk’ shoe that was launched in 2005.The shoes will go on sale from June 28 and will

At This Rate Grayscale Will Own 3.4% of All Bitcoin by January

[ad_1] Grayscale Investments has purchased almost half a billion dollars in Bitcoin since the May block reward halving, and this week bought BTC around three times faster than miners could produce blocks.According to a June 25 tweet from crypto analyst Kevin Rooke, the investment firm bought 19,879 Bitcoin (BTC) — $184 million worth — in the last week for its Bitcoin Trust, bringing its total number of coins to roughly

Anchorage Launches Support for DeFi Token KEEP

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency custodian Anchorage is continuing to expand its focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), announcing support for custody of Keep Network’s token.The KEEP token powers tBTC, a trustless and open-source protocol allowing the creation of Ethereum tokens that represent Bitcoin (BTC) which are used for accessing based DeFi protocols. The protocol also facilitates the autonomous containerization of users’ private data when engaging with public chains, bolstering the privacy enjoyed by DeFi

Bitcoin Price Reclaims $9,300 as Traders Expect Increased Volatility

[ad_1] Since briefly tumbling below $9,000 on June 24,  Bitcoin (BTC), the top-ranked digital asset on CoinMarketCap recovered today to trade in the $9,300 range again. The swift recovery occurred as traders continue to anxiously await the result of a record-breaking $1.06 billion Bitcoin options and futures contract expiry. While the digital asset remains in an uptrend, the start of this also week saw stocks correct sharply as the dreaded second

Major Japanese Firm Reveals Plans for a Digital Securities Exchange

[ad_1] Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, one of the major traditional Japanese financial institutions, has unveiled a plan to develop a security token exchange. Tokai Tokyo is already an investor in Huobi Japan. According to Nikkei, as the first step in the journey, Tokai Tokyo is investing in blockchain company Hash Dash Holdings to leverage the company’s knowledge to develop the exchange. Hash Dash aims to apply blockchain technology to the financial

These 3 On-Chain Levels Will Provide Bitcoin With Support as Price Crashes

[ad_1] Bitcoin’s strength didn’t last for long. After attempting to run past the resistance around $10,000 on Monday, the cryptocurrency strongly reversed. On Wednesday, BTC fell as low as $8,950 — almost 9% below the week’s highs. While the rapid reversal has been anything but bullish, data shows that there’s on-chain support should Bitcoin’s price dip further. Bitcoin Is About to Enter a Confluence of On-Chain Support Despite Bitcoin seeming

Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Claims He’s Autistic, Judge Tosses Out Sanctions Against Craig Wright

[ad_1] The Kleiman v. Wright case is seemingly headed to trial on July 6, 2020, after Judge Beth Bloom ruled against the Kleiman’s attempt to levy sanctions against Craig Wright, the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. It seems Wright has claimed that a licensed clinical psychologist diagnosed him with “Autism Spectrum Disorder with high intellectual skills,” so the Judge dismissed the sanctions charges. Judge Bloom noted that it

As Jobless Claims Soar, Bitcoin’s Mid-Term Outlook Remains Gloomy

[ad_1] The United States has seen rocketing unemployment, and it does not appear that this trend is slowing down even as many states and cities begin reopening This signals that the recent shutdowns have done severe damage to the economy, despite the stock market sitting around its all-time highs New data shows that although the number of new jobless claims has dipped slightly in recent times, its decline has not