XRP Has Been in a Macro Downtrend For Almost 1,000 Days: Analyst

[ad_1] From the lows made in March, XRP is up by over 50%, trading at $0.18 as of this article’s writing. Yet this bounce has not convinced analysts that the cryptocurrency is back in a bull market. In fact, one trader recently noted that soon enough, the third-largest altcoin will have been in a macro bear market for over 1,000 days. XRP Is in a Macro Downtrend And Has Been

Wirecard: Crypto Card Users’ Funds Locked as UK Regulator Suspends Subsidiary

[ad_1] UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on Friday suspended the license of Wirecard Card Solutions (WCS), a unit of troubled Wirecard AG, which is responsible for issuing Visa cryptocurrency debit cards. It means some users of cards such as’s Mco visa debit card and Tenx’s visa debit card may not be able to access their funds for a time. Both the crypto-enabled cards are issued by the Newcastle-based WCS.

53% of Bitcoin Options Just Expired, Marking a Historic Milestone

[ad_1] Bitcoin and Ethereum just saw their largest respective options expiry ever, marking a major milestone for the cryptocurrency market This expiry took place earlier today and it did not coincide with any intense volatility, despite what some analyst had forecasted It now appears that the volatility associated with this event did occur earlier this week It is possible that the options expiry, and investors’ anticipations about it, helped fuel

Investors Fear Ethereum Price Sell-Off After PlusToken Transfers 789K ETH

[ad_1] Earlier this week PlusToken, one of the largest scams in the cryptocurrency world, tried to move 789,500 Ether (ETH), but the movement of these stolen funds were temporarily held up by congestion issues within the Ethereum network.The $186 million transfer came from a known Ethereum address and was later split into 50 different transactions, possibly as an attempt to disguise the activity. Whale Alert first spotted the transactions which

Yield Farming Pool Concept May Solidify Ethereum’s Role as BTC’s Main Sidechain

[ad_1] Decentralized finance (defi) applications on the Ethereum chain have been growing wildly during the last two years. Now a number of synthetic versions of bitcoin, that leverage the Ethereum chain, has outpaced offchain solutions like Blockstream’s Liquid and the Lightning Network. Just recently, the platform Synthetix revealed a partnership with Bitgo and the Ren Project in order to create incentivized bitcoin liquidity. Now with a massive yield farming pool,

Telegram’s Courtroom Saga With the SEC Comes to a $1.2 Billion End

[ad_1] On June 26, Judge Kevin Castel signed the final judgment in the SEC v. Telegram case, which will require Telegram pay back $1.2 billion to investors in their ICO for the failed Telegram Open Network. Cointelegraph reported on the final judgment proposed yesterday. What has changed is the approval of the court, putting an end to a legal drama that began with the SEC ordering a stop to Telegram’s impending

Even Putin Couldn’t Save This Dark Web Mastermind From Prison

[ad_1] A Russian hacker was sentenced to nine years in prison by a U.S. court on June 26. The hacker, Aleksei Burkov, was previously considered to be of personal interest by Russian President, Vladimir Putin.Exclusive cybercrime with premium $5k membership feeBurkov was accused of running a website called “Cardplanet” which sold payment card information:“Many of the card numbers offered for sale belonged to U.S. citizens. The stolen credit card data

The Simple Reasons Why This Trader is Cautious of Ethereum

[ad_1] Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is currently trading at the lower boundary of its long-established trading range The cryptocurrency does appear to be positioned to see a breakdown below this range, but whether or not this takes place will likely depend on Bitcoin One analyst is now growing increasingly cautious on ETH, explaining that massive spikes in miner outflows for the cryptocurrency signal that a large drop could be imminent This

‘Bitcoin a Caged Bull Set for Breakout, Eying $13,000 Resistance’

[ad_1] Bloomberg remains optimistic about Bitcoin (BTC) as long as it stays above a key resistance level.Bitcoin Bollinger Bands. Source: BloombergThe latest report by Bloomberg analyst, Mike McGlone, contends that Bitcoin is consolidating. He speculates that due to the decreasing volatility, Bitcoin price Bollinger Bands are at its lowest point ever.$6,500 — $13,000 critical rangeIn his opinion, Bitcoin is priming to break out of the upper resistance level of $13,000.
EXCHANGES Announces MarketSquare: The New Homepage for the Decentralized Web

[ad_1] June 26th, 2020 –, a leading blockchain technology provider, pulled back the curtain today on their newest product – MarketSquare. MarketSquare is being regarded as the new homepage for the decentralized Web. In recent years the amount of blockchain businesses, applications and services available to the general public and tech community is expansive.  Moreover, it is nearly impossible to find one single place to explore, learn and interact