‘Endothermic Miners’ Scam From OnMiners Uses Fake Team, Office Photos

[ad_1] An self-styled cryptocurrency mining company from Luxembourg has fielded multiple scam accusations after it emerged its executives do not exist. Critics Say OnMiners Claims Too Good to Be True OnMiners, which purports to produce three mining rigs with vastly superior hash power to market competitors, used stock photos and likely fake names for its leadership on its website. Social media commentators became aware of the deception after the company

Binance Brings Bitcoin To Millions of Australians With “Lite” Platform

[ad_1] For many American and European cryptocurrency investors, buying Bitcoin is as easy as visiting, sending a bank wire, and pressing the blue “Buy” button. But, for other industry stakeholders based in dozens of other nations, fiat on-ramps are few and far between, and the ones that do exist are, let’s say, lackluster and questionable. But Binance, the world’s largest digital asset exchange, is looking to amend this pertinent

UAE’s Burj Khalifa Developers Creating Their Own ICO

[ad_1] United Arab Emirate property development giant The Emaar Group, the team behind the remarkable Burj Khalifa, is prepared to launch their first ICO later this year. At 825 meters in height, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building by almost 2oo meters, with the Shanghai Tower in a distant second place. We mention this because the Khalifa is an impressive item in Emaar Group’s CV, one which lends

Japan Preps Tougher Rules on Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency margin trading can be extremely risky for investors. Japan’s uppermost executive body, the Japanese Cabinet, has accordingly greenlighted amendments put forth by the nation’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) that would limit how much leverage domestic crypto margin traders can use. The FSA had first released a report proposing new rules for Japanese crypto services in December 2018. Therein, the agency called for cryptocurrency margin trading platforms to register

In the Daily: Crypto Data Feed, BSV Sale, Bitmain Office Closed

[ad_1] Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve got the details in this installment of The Daily. This edition also features Coincheck’s announcement that it plans to sell its BSV holdings and reimburse users with Japanese fiat currency. Also, Chinese mining giant Bitmain has closed its office in Norway. Also read: Cryptopia Resumes Trading, US Crypto Lobbying Intensifies, Visa Crypto Job ICE Adds More

Cardano Price Notes Small Gains but key Resistance Remains in Place

[ad_1] When it comes to looking at all of the top cryptocurrencies and their current market cap, it would appear there is a lot of conflicting momentum. While the majority of the top 10 is in the red, the Cardano price is moving up rather quickly. Its current gains seem promising, but breaking through the next key resistance level will prove to be very difficult first and foremost. As such,

Hacked Exchange Cryptopia Relaunches: Users Subject To “Haircut” On Crypto Holdings

[ad_1] While sentiment across the cryptocurrency industry’s multitude of communities is rather buoyant, there have been two exceptions: those embroiled in the QuadrigaCX debacle and victims of the Cryptopia hack. But, those in the latter group were able to breathe a much-needed sigh of relief on Tuesday, as the New Zealand altcoin-centric exchange revealed that it had partially relaunched trading. Yet, Cryptopia’s situation is all too cut and dried, as

Most Respondents File Negative Comments for SEC’s Review of VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF

[ad_1] Multiple respondents have filed comments with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the latest proposed rule change for the VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF). Comments to date were submitted between Feb. 13 and March 12.As reported, CBOE’s BZX Equity Exchange — the exchange that would prospectively list the Bitcoin ETF — had temporarily withdrawn its application for a rule change on the ETF in January,

Multiple Dozen “Super” Black Holes Lurk at the Edge of the Known Universe

[ad_1] In the world of space exploration and science, black holes are one of the most intriguing concepts. Since no one knows how these black holes were formed in ancient times, scientists are still trying to find answers to numerous questions. A dedicated group of international astronomers has successfully identified not one, but eighty-three ancient black holes which lurk at the edge of the known universe. Several Dozen Black Become

Bitcoin’s Highest Hash Rate in 4 Months Supports Growing Optimism

[ad_1] Bitcoin hash rate, the computing power securing the network, has reached levels not seen since early November 2018. Bitcoin Hash Rate May Have ‘Bottomed’ March 19th saw the Bitcoin hash rate surge past 52 quintillion hashes per second according to data from The hash rate measures the performance of bitcoin miners who secure the network. Simply put, the higher the hash rate, the more resources it requires to successfully attack