Crowdlitoken AG Pioneers and Starts Distribution of a Digital Bond – European Retail Investors Benefit as Well

[ad_1] For the first time in Europe, the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) has approved the offering prospectus for a tokenised real estate investment product. [ad_2] [crypto-donation-box type="tabular"] Source link

Bitcoin Pullback Is Healthy, Fewer Searches Аre Good

[ad_1] Fundstrat Global Advisers co-founder Thomas Lee wrote that the recent Bitcoin (BTC) pullback is healthy in a tweet on July 14.In his tweet, Lee also addressed concerns over the recent decrease in Google searches for Bitcoin:“As for the search traffic for bitcoin being low, I also think that is a good sign. It means the rise in Bitcoin has not been accompanied by massive hype.”According to search analytics service

Buterin Proposes Bitcoin Cash Integration to Scale Ethereum in Short Term

[ad_1] Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has proposed to use the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as a temporary scalability solution for the Ethereum network. The programmer introduced a summary of the idea in a July 13 post on the Ethereum Research.As previously reported, the Ethereum network has experienced some scalability issues, with its native blockchain capable of processing as few as 15 transactions per second (TPS), while its major competitor Ripple is

Fake News: Due Diligence is Essential for Crypto Investors

[ad_1] Fake news – this cliché is everywhere in the political space, but the cryptocurrency industry seems to be the real fertile soil for this infamous phenomenon. Is Social Media to Blame for Fake News? Any financial market that relies partially or integrally on speculators is vulnerable to the psychological factor. Traders are often exaggerating the driving force of a particular news or event. This is what causes the fear

Seed CX Subsidiaries Receive Bitlicenses From New York Regulator

[ad_1] New York state financial regulators have issued virtual currency licenses to two subsidiaries of crypto derivatives firm Seed CX: Seed Digital Commodities Market LLC (SCXM) and Zero Hash LLC.In a press release published on July 15, Financial Services Superintendent Linda A. Lacewell announced that the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) has approved the applications of SCXM and Zero Hash for virtual currency licenses. SCXM operates as

Canadian Securities Regulators Include DLT in 2019–2020 Business Plan

[ad_1] The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) are focusing on understanding and regulating distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its related components. The Canadian securities regulatory agency included a section on DLT and crypto assets in its Business Plan 2019–2022 that was published on July 13. The CSA’s business plan for 2018–2022 was approved on May 28, and represents a collaborative effort by the CSA to define its priorities over the next several

Diamonds and the Treasury Debt Ceiling: Why Nothing Has ‘Intrinsic Value’ in Economics

[ad_1] The U.S. Treasury Department has just issued an urgent letter requesting a lift on the debt ceiling, warning Congress of imminent financial collision in September as federal cash is running out. Though this scenario has played out many times before, it takes on special significance now in light of president Trump’s recent comments about bitcoin, saying it was created from “thin air,” and a congressional warning to Facebook regarding

Ethereum Validator Nodes More Attainable as ETH Price Collapses

[ad_1] Bloody Monday has been a harsh start to the week for many crypto assets, including Ethereum. Bitcoin’s return to four figures has caused a digital avalanche for altcoins as markets bleed out over $35 billion in 24 hours. Ethereum Crushed But Not All Bad It certainly looks bad when the second largest crypto asset on the planet gets trounced by around 18% in 24 hours. Ethereum was trading at

Binance, Bittrex and Bistamp Users Withdraw Over Bitcoin Price Concerns

[ad_1] Crypto exchanges are seeing significantly higher outflows of US dollars than inflows over the last 24 hours as bitcoin price hovers tentatively around the psychological $10K support. Bitcoin Volatility Sends Exchange Users Packing Tweeting on Monday (July 15, 2019), TokenAnalyst revealed that on-chain inflows for major bitcoin exchanges have been much lower than outflows in the last 24 hours. This trend indicates panic selling as the bitcoin price looks

UK Royal Mint to Provide Custody for New Cryptocurrency

[ad_1] Royal Mint, a government-owned manufacturer of coins in the United Kingdom, will provide crypto custodial services for the first time ever, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on July 15.The 1,100 year-old financial institution is participating in the launch of new cryptocurrency temtum (TEM), which is expected to go live on July 17. Specifically, Royal Mint will act as the storage for temtum genesis private keys and currency