Binance Academy Launches Blockchain Accelerator in China

[ad_1] Binance Academy, the educational arm of leading crypto exchange Binance, announced the establishment of a blockchain research institute in Shanghai on March 30.The Lingang Blockchain Technology and Industry Research Institute is intended to operate as a think-tank and talent hub for distributed ledger technology (DLT) innovation in China.Binance to integrate blockchain with other innovative technologiesTo accelerate the application of DLT in China, Binance’s blockchain institute plans to integrate blockchain

Singapore Crypto Exchange Eyes US Expansion After Registering With FinCEN

[ad_1] While global cryptocurrency firms increasingly come to Singapore to benefit from its crypto-friendly ecosystem, some local firms are also expanding their operations beyond local jurisdiction.Bitget, a Singapore-headquartered digital asset platform, has obtained regulatory approval from the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the primary regulator for money service businesses in the country.MSB license is part of Bitget’s strategy to be compliant in “as many regions as possible”According to

Safeguarding Investments: Offers the Solution

[ad_1] Anyone venturing into the digital currency scene understands the significance of performing analyses to evaluate potential gains. Security breaches and hacking are a constant risk when it comes to the realm of cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the level of security and protection offered by the trading platform chosen is often overlooked. Consequently, this oversight has so far resulted in a loss of approximately $4.26 billion. Whenever scammers or hackers are successful

Ubisoft and MakerDAO to Sponsor Blockchain Gaming Alliance Under New Leadership

[ad_1] The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) announced on March 30 the appointment of Sébastien Borget as President, while further adding that companies like Ubisoft, AMD, Animoca Brands, and MakerDAO have returned as sponsors for 2020.According to the announcement, the BGA — a coalition of 90 game and blockchain companies advocating for blockchain technology within the gaming industry — will seek to strengthen blockchain adoption to expand player capabilities without any

Capitulation? BTC Battered by Biggest Mining Difficulty Drop Since 2011

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) currently sits at $6,370, a slight recovery from the March 27 pullback which saw the price drop nearly 9% in 4 hours. Despite showing some bullish signs, Bitcoin is still down nearly 30% since last Friday.As previously reported by Cointelegraph, the crash may have been caused by the recent mining difficulty adjustment of nearly -16%. The difficulty adjustment is how the Bitcoin network adapts to the changing

China’s Oldest Exchange OKCoin Readies for Move Into Japan

[ad_1] OKCoin, one of the oldest exchanges in China, is continuing its crypto exchange business expansion, announcing on March 30 that it has officially secured licensing in Japan.OKCoin has been anticipating this dayPer its announcement, OKCoin Japan has completed its registration with the Kanto Local Finance Bureau. According to the firm, this makes OKCoin the first international exchange to obtain a cryptocurrency exchange license through the official application procedure in

Bank of France Launches Experiment Program on Central Bank Digital Currency

[ad_1] As a number of global jurisdictions like the Bahamas and Sweden are already testing their central bank digital currencies (CBDC), French central bank is getting more straightforward regarding its own CBDC plans.The Bank of France is now officially launching a program of experiments to test the integration of a CBDC for interbank settlements, inviting potential participants to submit their applications.Bank of France doesn’t insist on blockchain implementation for CBDCAccording

HIVE Blockchain Acquires Bitcoin Mining Facility for $2.8M

[ad_1] HIVE Blockchain Technologies, a Canadian publicly-traded ether (ETH) mining firm, has announced on March 30 the acquisition of a dedicated cryptocurrency mining operation with access to 30 megawatts of low-cost green power.The transaction was valued at CAD $4 million (USD $2.8 M). The facility, leased by Cryptologic Corp, is located in Lachute, Quebec.The firm intends to expand its total available power capacity globally to approximately 50MW, whose mining activities

Fake Trading Volumes and the Price of Bitcoin: Are They Connected?

[ad_1] Last year, Bitwise Asset Management reported to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission that 95% of trading volume in Bitcoin (BTC) was fake. Bitwise found that, according to data published by CoinMarketCap — a widely cited tracker of crypto statistics — Bitcoin’s approximate average daily volume in April 2019 was $10 billion. In comparison, just $5.5 billion worth of Apple stock — the most liquid stock in the

Top Airlines that Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

[ad_1] Bitcoin allows financial transactions on most services and has a significant impact on the tourism industry. The notion that bitcoin is more of a commodity than a currency is false. Many companies have accepted it as their payment method and receive cryptocurrencies in the form of the fund because they are secure. Most of the airlines have also accepted Bitcoin as a payment method. When you look to travel