Cross-Platform Blockchain Project Cosmos Launches First Hub After $17 Million ICO

[ad_1] Blockchain platform Cosmos, which is set to work as a mediator between different blockchains, has officially launched the first hub of its ecosystem on Wednesday, Mar. 13. The Cosmos initial coin offering (ICO), held in April 2017, raised a little more than $17 million.The Cosmos Network, which describes itself as “The Internet of Blockchains,” was developed by California-based startup Tendermint Inc — a software development company that was appointed

Enterprise Blockchain on the Rise Despite Criticisms

[ad_1] In the announcement for the launch of its blockchain security testing service, IBM X-Force Red highlighted the rise of enterprise blockchains and said that “organizations are seeing real efficiencies and cost savings from its use.”IBM also highlighted the IDC’s 2018 Spending Guide, which forecasts worldwide blockchain spending to grow to $9.7 billion in 2021.This arrived on the back of a Forbes article in February that explored the reasons “Why
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Tether is not one hundred percent covered by deposited US dollars

[ad_1] Tether is not, contrary to previous statements, one hundred percent covered by deposited US dollars. As can be seen from a change in the text of the homepage of the “stable coin”, the cover could now also be made by other assets. Stable coins are primarily designed to provide a safe haven for traders. If you trade cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin exchanges and want to park them at short notice

Stock Exchange Operator Pilots Collateral Pledges Digitization on Blockchain

[ad_1] Major Spanish stock market operator Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) has completed its first blockchain pilot for electronic certificates of collateral pledges, according to an official press release published on March 15.Implemented along with Renta 4 Banco, which is the only investment services firm listed on the BME, the new pilot intends to eliminate the use of physical certifications by digitizing all processes and providing network participants with real-time

As ProgPoW Aimed at Stopping ASIC Mining Gets Supporting Votes, New Conspiracies and Debates Appear

[ad_1] Ethereum (ETH) network users have unanimously supported the ProgPoW algorithm, which is expected to make the platform resistant to application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners. Initially, opponents of the update prevailed over supporters by a margin of 96 percent, according to a Cointelegraph report on Feb. 15. The current scenario is exactly opposite, with 94 percent of voters favoring the implementation of ProgPoW, as evidenced by the Etherchain charts.What is

Cryptocurrency Community Eyes Tether After Website Dilutes USD Backing Claims

[ad_1] Developers behind stablecoin Tether (USDT) have drawn scrutiny today, March 14, after social media users noticed they had removed previous claims that the altcoin was fully backed by United States dollars.Tether, which has faced various publicity hurdles over the transparency of its holdings, had de facto guaranteed that each of its USDT tokens had an equivalent 1 USD in the bank.Intended as the opposite to fractional reserve banking, as

Bitcoin Is a Technology, Not a Business Opportunity, TRON CEO Tells Mainstream Media

[ad_1] Criticism of Bitcoin (BTC) by big business is misplaced, blockchain developer network TRON’s CEO Justin Sun told CNBC in an interview on March 13.Speaking to the network about the general state of the cryptocurrency markets, Sun, who is also CEO of BitTorrent after the company bought the file sharing network in June 2018, said their appeal to the younger generation remained unchanged by the current bear market.“Even if Warren

Vitalik Buterin Says Non-Financial Blockchain Use Cases Are a ‘Harder Pitch’

[ad_1] Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin says that blockchain applications outside of finance face more difficulty gaining traction, as the primary added value they offer is decentralization. Buterin made his remarks during a speech at crypto event Token 2049 in Hong Kong on March 13.Buterin began by noting that finance is “realistically the first blockchain [application] that will probably achieve wide scale adoption,” and that even though he is a

IBM Publishes Patent for Resisting Replay Attacks in Permissioned Blockchains

[ad_1] Multinational computing giant IBM is adding to its arsenal of blockchain patents with an application for improving the security of permissioned blockchain networks. The patent, first filed in October 2016, was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 12.The patent is entitled “Resisting replay attacks efficiently in a permissioned and privacy-preserving blockchain network,” and outlines security techniques for withstanding such attacks while maintaining valid user

Blockchain and Crypto Are Two Key Phenomena Transforming Today’s Markets

[ad_1] United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo has said the agency’s fintech innovation hub LabCFTC is the regulator’s internal stakeholder in a landscape of exponential technological change and market evolution.Giancarlo made his remarks during his last appearance as CFTC chairman before the 44th Annual International Futures Industry Conference on March 14, in an address entitled “Improving the Past, Tackling the Present, and Advancing to a