Readying the Blockchain Industry for the Next Wave of Adoption

[ad_1] Who knows what’s responsible for the current bull run? It could be the upcoming halving, it could be the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s debut of institutional-grade crypto-backed options, or it could even be the coronavirus. Whatever the reasons, it seems safe to say that the crypto winter is well and truly behind us. If this trend continues, it will only be a matter of time before we begin to see

Bitcoin Price Holds $8.5K Support as Coronavirus Fears Tank Global Markets

[ad_1] Today Bitcoin bulls found their resolve and are attempting to reverse the digital asset’s course even as equities markets across the globe continue to drop on the realization that Coronavirus is a real threat that will stay with us for some time.The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed with a decline of 1,100 points (4.4%) and is down more than 10% for the week. The Nasdaq Composite also fell 4.6%

Revolut Will Make Crypto Available in 50 States

[ad_1] Revolut is coming to the smartphone near you with an array of cryptocurrencies before tax day. Having just raised $500 million on a $5.5 billion valuation, Revolut is one of the biggest fintechs in Europe. Revolut is a neobank: simply, a bank without the expense and convenience of physical branches or the headache of licensing.Revolut is already well-established in Europe. On its home soil, it allows users to buy

Blockchain Technology Partners Unveil Smart Contracts on Amazon AWS

[ad_1] Customers can now integrate smart contracts on Amazon Web Services’ Quantum Ledger Database, or QLDB, thanks to tech company Blockchain Technology Partners.Blockchain Technology Partners, or BTP, unveiled general availability for its DAML incorporation, accessible through its Sextant for DAML platform, allowing those working with Amazon’s QLDB to harness smart contracts on the platform, according to a Feb. 25 statement provided to Cointelegraph.Amazon’s QLDB is not the first to incorporate

Bitmain Unveils 2 Bitcoin Miners With Max Speeds Up to 110TH/s Per Unit

[ad_1] On Thursday, the China-based mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the launch of two new Antminer S19 series models that process between 95 to 110 trillion hashes per second (TH/s). The Antminer S19 Pro model with 110TH/s and 29 joules per terahash (J/TH) is 24 trillion hashes per second faster than Microbt’s latest Whatsminer M30S model (86TH/s). Also read: Bitcoin Rich: 6 Crypto Entrepreneurs Make the 2020 Hurun Billionaire List

Saxo Bank’s Outrageous Prediction 2020: Asia Launches DLT-Based Asset

[ad_1] Major Danish bank Saxo Bank has predicted that Asia will launch its own blockchain-based digital asset in its new report of smashing predictions for 2020.The latest edition of “Outrageous Predictions” by Saxo Bank also forecasts that President Donald Trump will likely lose the 2020 elections, while Hungary will leave the European Union. The report was issued on Dec. 3, according to a tweet by the bank.Saxo Bank claims that

Chinese Communist Party Exec Wants State Monopoly on Digital Currency

[ad_1] Chen Weigang, former Vice President of China Insurance Regulatory Commission of the Communist Party, sat down with Yiben blockchain media on Feb 27 to talk about ICO regulations and digital currency trading in China. He told the media that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is an important strategic plan for the Chinese RMB to gain an upper hand in international economic development.During the interview, Chen was asked to

CFTC Holds A Meeting to Learn All About Stablecoins

[ad_1] American financial regulators have sat down with major stablecoin projects in an effort to better understand the industry.The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Technology Advisory Committee held a public meeting on Feb. 26 to learn about stablecoins, cryptocurrency insurance, custody practices and cybersecurity.Three stablecoin projects: JPM Coin, MarkerDao and Paxo were in attendance, discussing different aspects of stablecoins during the meeting.The committee discussed various topics on stablecoins. The first was

How Much $100 of Bitcoin Could Be Worth When the Last Coin is Mined

[ad_1] Everybody knows that one day Bitcoin mining will eventually cease, and the last coin will be mined. The date for this is expected to be around the year 2140. So what could an investment of $100 now be worth in 120 years time?  Bitcoin to the Moon To estimate the price of Bitcoin well into the future we need to take a look at growth models for the cryptocurrency.

Roger Ver: Prison Made a Bitcoin Believer

[ad_1] In a Cointelegraph exclusive interview, Roger Ver bears it all ‒ how his prison experience made him see Bitcoin’s potential, why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is better than Bitcoin (BTC), and why Bitcoin Cash will appreciate 1,000 times.PrisonMost of the crypto community knows that, in his youth, Roger Ver had run-ins with the law; in fact, he was sentenced to ten months for selling explosives on eBay.However, not many know