Bitcoin Won’t Scale Because It Doesn’t Need To, Says Block.One CEO

[ad_1] Bitcoin is on its way to replace gold as a store of value and won’t scale “because it doesn’t need to,” says Block.One co-founder and CEO, Brendan Blumer. ‘Bitcoin Will Replace Gold’ Within 20 Years Bitcoin, some argue, can only reach significant value if it can scale to meet transaction demands of a global audience. However, co-founder and CEO of, Brendan Blumer, believes that Bitcoin may never need

The Monappy and Monacoin Web Wallet Hacker is a Japanese Teenager

[ad_1] It appears a major breakthrough has occurred regarding one of the most recent cryptocurrency-related hacks. A Japanese teenager has been arrested for stealing over $1250,000 in cryptocurrency. During his attack, he exploited the Monappy social media network and the web-based Monacoin wallet in 2018. It is good to see this investigation yield results. Monacoin Hack Perpetrator is Caught A lot of people were surprised to learn the web-based Monacoin
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Stock Exchange of Thailand: Bitcoin exchange for institutional investors comes in 2020

[ad_1] The Thai Stock Exchange is working on a new, fully regulated exchange where investors can trade digital assets such as bitcoin, legacy coins and security tokens. If the supervisory authority gives its consent, the stock exchange could already start next year. The Stock Exchange of Thailand wants to offer bitcoin investors a “holistic ecosystem”. According to stock market chief Pakorn Peetathawatchai, this includes the implementation of all relevant services.

What is BTCPay Server? Free & Open Source Bitcoin Payment Processor

[ad_1] Bitcoin’s potential as a decentralized, P2P digital currency is, in many cases, limited by the extension of the application and design space around the legacy cryptocurrency. Particularly in regards to merchant adoption, legacy payment processing services remain much more straightforward to use. Bitcoin is an invention of money, not explicitly payments. However, furthering its adoption as a means of payment will go a long way in bolstering its prominence

Why Is Binance Coin BNB Outperforming So Many Other Cryptocurrencies?

[ad_1] Binance Coin BNB seems immune to market forces that keep other altcoins in a perpetual Crypto Winter. Even as other cryptocurrencies have been losing 70, 80, 90%+ of their all-time high value, Binance Coin has been making up lost ground for months. The current BNB price of £11.38 may be well shy of January 2018’s £17.96, but BNB’s upward momentum seems to be holding steady. What’s behind Binance Coin’s resilience in

ICOs in Emerging Markets

[ad_1] Despite the growing range of possible applications of Blockchain technology, most people still tend to focus on the tech’s impact on the financial sector. This is hardly surprising. After all, in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto’s original pitch described Bitcoin (BTC) and its underlying protocol as “a peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. Cryptocurrencies, which run on blockchain or other forms of distributed ledger technology, aim to challenge the role of their fiat

Embattled Crypto Exchange Gatecoin Finally Closes Down

[ad_1] Gatecoin, a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has had a little bit of a torrid history for the past two years is now closing its doors per an announcement posted on its website. In its announcement, the Hong Kong-based exchange wrote that it will be compelled to halt all of its operations immediately, per a compulsory liquidation order from an unspecified court. Gatecoin will now work with regulators to see

Tel Aviv Court Rules Bank Can’t Close Crypto Miner’s Account

[ad_1] A court in Israel has once again ruled against a local bank which tried to close the account of a cryptocurrency related business without any due cause. This time a Tel Aviv court has determined that a bank can’t refuse to operate an account on behalf of a crypto miner. Also Read: Tel Aviv Court Gives Moshe Hogeg 30 Days to Settle $4M Lawsuit Court Rules on Israminers vs

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: After a Breakout, Price Rally Soon?

[ad_1] Ripple price rallied above the $0.3200 resistance and tested the $0.3300 zone. XRP/USD corrected lower, but buyers remain in control above the $0.3200 and $0.3210 supports. Ripple price traded as high as $0.3297 and later corrected towards the $0.3200 support. A major breakout pattern is formed with support at $0.3225 on the 30-minute chart. XRP price is likely to rally above the $0.3260 and $0.3280 levels as long as

Australian Government Unveils National Blockchain Strategy and Roadmap, Invests $71,200

[ad_1] A recent report made it known that the Australian government has unveiled a national blockchain strategy and roadmap. The federal government has also committed AU$100,000 (~$71,200) in funding for the support of the blockchain industry in the country. Joint Announcement of Roadmap from Two Ministers This report is a joint announcement from two ministers, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews and Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment.