Ethereum Ice Age May be Imminent If Miners Withdraw From Network

[ad_1] The Ethereum block difficulty began to grow back in November 2016. Since then, developers have been constantly forced to carry out hard forks to keep the network up until the transition to a proof-of-stake algorithm takes place.In the lead-up to the Istanbul upgrade, implemented on Dec. 8, the Ethereum team decided again to postpone the explosion of a so-called “difficulty bomb,” which some believe may lead to the onset

No More Bitcoin for Nordea Bank Employees, Experts Question the Motive

[ad_1] An act of paternalism or a case of generic Bitcoin (BTC) distrust? It is hard to make out the exact reasons for Nordea Bank’s ban on its 31,500 employees trading in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies — even on their own time — a prohibition that was upheld on Dec. 2 by a Danish court.In a press release posted by the court following its ruling, Nordea Bank noted that, "Employees

CryptoBridge Closes Down and Waves Relaunches, DEXs Face Tough Times

[ad_1] Earlier this week, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange CryptoBridge abruptly announced that it was shutting shop, leaving just two weeks for its customers to retrieve their funds. Around the same time, the Waves DEX also shut down to resume operations as a hybrid exchange.While Waves ostensibly decided to “merge all the infrastructure teams” together and focus on one product, CryptoBridge went out of business completely. The decentralized platform cited market conditions

The Fact, the Fiction and the Context

[ad_1] It’s the clichéd rhetoric of choice for anyone seeking to discredit crypto. An ace in the hole for any argument against its proliferation. The go-to thesis for those who know very little about cryptocurrency but wish to appear otherwise. The idea that cryptocurrencies are solely utilized within illicit activities has become both a tool for mass media to disparage the industry and, for many, a reason to steer well clear.

US Fed Weighs Up Potential CBDC as Countermove Against China

[ad_1] Where just a handful of years ago, the idea would have been immediately dismissed or even met with ridicule, the United States Federal Reserve is now taking the concept of an official dollar stablecoin seriously.Markets have heard more frequent guidance from the Fed on cryptocurrencies in recent years, and thanks to two curious U.S. representatives — French Hill and Bill Foster — this guidance now includes an enlightening response

Global Debt Reaches New Highs — Is BTC a Solution or a Beneficiary?

[ad_1] Global debt has surpassed $250 trillion. That’s 320% of gross domestic product, announced the Institute of International Finance on Nov. 14. Emerging market debt also hit a record $71.4 trillion, 220% of GDP.This has set off alarm bells. After all, the projected year-end amount of $255 trillion is equal to $32,500 for each person on the planet, or $12.1 million per Bitcoin (BTC), as Cointelegraph reported.But, as mind-boggling as

Here Is How the False News Spread

[ad_1] Earlier this month, many blockchain media outlets, including Cointelegraph itself as well as Decrypt, Beincrypto and LedgerInsight, reported that Tunisia had become the first country to digitize its national currency on a blockchain platform. But that news was incorrect. The story was originally was broken on Nov. 7 by two Russian state-owned news agencies, Tass and, which also highlighted that the Russian blockchain platform Universa was assisting the

Citizens Want BTC Over Peso Amid USD Crackdown

[ad_1] Argentina’s central bank had formally banned consumers from purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency using credit cards on Nov. 1. What followed was the very opposite of what the Argentine government had anticipated — over the past two weeks, the country has traded the highest amount of Bitcoins on the peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins, according to data by CoinDance.Argentina’s fragile economyOne of the biggest factors in the high adoption of

Web 3.0 Initiatives Can Drive Crypto Adoption Across the Globe

[ad_1] In October, web browser developer Opera Software AS launched added support for in-browser transactions with Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX). This follows the company’s initial launch of an in-browser Ether (ETH) wallet in 2018. The latest announcement is part of the company’s grander plan to make the “Web 3.0” easier to access for the average consumer.Opera, based in Norway, is the first major browser to develop and integrate a

Ethereum Milestones on the Road to Serenity

[ad_1] Earlier this month, the Ethereum Foundation team lead Péter Szilágyi confirmed the date of the network’s upcoming upgrade, Istanbul. Ethereum’s eighth hard fork overall and the second one this year is slated to take place on Dec. 4. Istanbul will introduce a number of improvements such as interoperability with Zcash, cheaper zero-knowledge layer two scalability solutions, and adjusted gas price for certain operations, marking another milestone along the road to