Bitcoin near the moon! Node just installed on Space Station ISS!

[ad_1] Advertisment The startup SpaceChain has sent a bitcoin (BTC) node into space. It now processes ISS transactions on the international space station, making the Bitcoin network even more secure. The startup SpaceChain has written Bitcoin and space history. Last week it sent for the first time a Bitcoin (BTC) note to the International Space Station ISS. The unit was, of course, only a small portion of the cargo of

French central bank to launch tests on digital currency from 2020

[ad_1] Advertisment Almost every week, you hear about states that want to bring their own digital currencies on the market or already implement the implementation. One of the pioneers in this project and in general on cryptocurrencies is France. The head of the French central bank has now announced that it could start soon and the call for the project will be launched early next year.France plans to test its

Blockchain with Unlimited Scalability: Is It Possible?

[ad_1] Advertisment Blockchain continues to penetrate the business and technology industries, but it’s ready to move beyond. The system has leaped past the financial sector and is now revolutionizing the government, transportation, real estate, the academe, and even the entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, a 2018 PWC survey says 84% of executives confirm their organizations are “actively involved” with blockchain. And while 45% of respondents revealed “trust” as

With Ethereum in the future

[ad_1] Advertisment Ethereum is not lacking in critics and Ethereum has become more than once a victim of the well-known FUD. But the bottom line is that more developers are working on the Ethereum network than any other Blockchain project. And that has made it the worldwide platform for dApps and Smart Contracts. The brightest minds in cryptocurrency joined more than 500 hackers from around the world over the weekend

Happy Birthday Bitcoin – The Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Advertisment While people only have their birthday once a year, Bitcoin (BTC) can celebrate twice. Both the publication of the whitepaper on October 31, 2008 and the creation of the Genesis block and thus the launch of the Bitcoin Blockchain on January 3, 2009 are celebrated annually. The mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto made the whitepaper available to a cryptography mailing list eleven years ago today. Since then, an

German banks want the digital Euro

[ad_1] Advertisment In order to compete with bitcoins and other digital currencies, German banks have demanded their own European digital currency. German banks want to campaign for the introduction of a digital currency in the eurozone. “We need a digital euro in Europe,” said Hans-Walter Peters, president of the Federal Association of German Banks, at the autumn meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington. With

Onecoin and the Missing Cryptoqueen

[ad_1] Advertisment In the meantime, the field of crypto currencies has been described as a playground for scammers and rip-offs. The biggest case was OneCoin. OneCoin – the biggest scam of the decade In the BBC podcast “The Missing Crypto-Queen“, a BBC reporter tells of his exciting research on OneCoin and lets experts and victims of the mega-scam have their say. The company was founded in 2014 by Dr. med.

Byzantine Reliable Broadcast: EPFL researchers develop greener Bitcoin alternative

[ad_1] Advertisment The crypto-currency Bitcoin consumes enormous amounts of energy and thus produces considerable CO2 emissions. Researchers at ETH Lausanne are working on an energy-saving alternative. The ecological footprint of the digital currency Bitcoin is huge. The reason is the mechanism for ensuring the security of transactions, for example, to prevent a Bitcoin unit from being issued multiple times. In essence, each transaction must be confirmed by a temporary central

SIX Swiss Exchange launches first prototype for blockchain exchange SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)

[ad_1] The Swiss stock exchange SIX has launched a first prototype for the blockchain exchange SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). In the first quarter of 2020, more products will follow. Full commissioning is now planned for the fourth quarter of 2020. With the SDX, the stock exchange operator SIX wants to establish the first end-to-end stock exchange for digital assets. The aim is to cover the entire value chain of “digital

Germany wants to introduce Blockchain securities in 2019

[ad_1] Germany is not considered a pioneer in digitization. Fast Internet is a nuisance in many places, networked mobility new territory and top-end IT research chronically underfunded. But at least in one area, the Grand Coalition in Berlin wants to put pressure: in promoting blockchain technology. Until this Monday, it was worked on in the ministries, this Wednesday, the blockchain strategy is already adopted by the Federal Cabinet. Contrary to